The highlighted names indicate Springer Best Student Presentation Awardees

A Mohanapriya, P Renjith and N Sadagopan. Short cycles dictate dichotomy status of the Steiner tree problem on Bisplit graphs.

Akihiro Yamamura. Latin Hexahedra and Related Combinatorial Structures.

Anish Hebbar and Niranjan Balachandran. Cyclability, Connectivity and Circumference.

Arun Kumar Das, Sandip Das, Anil Maheshwari and Sarvottamananda Swami. Rectilinear Voronoi Games with a Simple Rectilinear Obstacle in Plane.

Athmakoori Prashant and Francis Raj S. Coloring of a superclass of 2K2-free graphs.

B.S. Panda and Sachin. Algorithm and Complexity of Strongly Stable Non-crossing Matchings.

Balchandar Reddy Sangam and Anjeneya Swami Kare. Structural Parameterization of Alliance Problems.

Barun Gorain, Shaswati Patra and Rishi Ranjan Singh. Graph Covering using Bounded Size Subgraphs.

Brahadeesh Sankarnarayanan and Niranjan Balachandran. 5-list coloring toroidal 6-regular triangulations in linear time.

Dipayan Chakraborty, Florent Foucaud, Aline Parreau and Annegret Wagler. On three domination-based identification problems in block graphs.

Dipayan Chakraborty, Florent Foucaud, Soumen Nandi, Sagnik Sen and Supraja D K. New bounds and constructions for neighbor-locating colorings of graphs.

Florent Foucaud, Krishna Narayanan and Lekshmi R S. Monitoring edge-geodetic sets in graphs.

Gopika Sharma and Arti Pandey. Computational Aspects of Double Dominating Sequences in Graphs.

Harshil Mittal, Saraswati Nanoti and Aditi Sethia. Diverse Fair Allocations: Complexity and Algorithms.

Juhi Chaudhary, Sounaka Mishra and Bhawani Panda. Minimum Maximal Acyclic Matching in Proper Interval Graphs.

Julien Bensmail, Hervé Hocquard and Pierre-Marie Marcille. The Weak (2,2)-Labelling Problem for graphs with forbidden induced structures.

K. Subramani and Piotr Wojciechowski. Optimal length cutting plane refutations of integer programs.

Kavaskar T. Perfectness of G-generalized join of graphs.

Kusum and Arti Pandey. Complexity Results on Cosecure Domination in Graphs.

Leila Karimi, Vijay Adoni and Daya Gaur. Resource management in device-to-device communications.

Lekshmi Kamal K S, Manoj Changat and Iztok Peterin. Axiomatic characterization of the the toll walk function of some graph classes.

Moritz Beck, Joachim Spoerhase and Sabine Storandt. Mind the Gap: Edge Facility Location Problems in Theory and Practice.

Pavithra R and Reji T. On Coupon Coloring of Cayley Graphs.

Prabhat Kumar Chand, Manish Kumar, Anisur Rahaman Molla and Sumathi Sivasubramaniam. Fault-Tolerant Dispersion of Mobile Robots.

Pranjal Dutta and Mahesh Rajasree. Efficient reductions and algorithms for Subset Product.

R. Sundara Rajan, Remi Mariam Reji and T. M. Rajalaxmi. Maximum subgraph problem for 3-regular Knödel graphs and its wirelength.

Sandip Das, Florent Foucaud, Sk Samim Islam and Joydeep Mukherjee. Relation between broadcast domination and multipacking numbers on chordal graphs.

Sandip Das, Harmender Gahlawat, Ashwin Ramgopal, Uma Kant Sahoo and Sagnik Sen. Pushing Cops and Robber on Oriented Graphs.

Sriram Bhyravarapu and Vinod Reddy. On Structural Parameterizations of Star Coloring.

Sriram Bhyravarapu, Swati Kumari and Vinod Reddy. On Locally Identifying Coloring of Graphs.

Subhabrata Paul and Kamal Santra. Transitivity on subclasses of chordal graphs.

Sukanya Maji and Sanjib Sadhu. Arbitrary oriented color spanning region for line segments.

Vineet Malik and Sushanta Karmakar. Some insights on dynamic maintenance of Gomory-Hu tree in cactus graphs and general graphs.

Vishwanath Reddy Singireddy, Manjanna Basappa and Joseph S. B. Mitchell. Algorithms for k-Dispersion for Points in Convex Position in the Plane.